The Truth About Dating Gurus

When I started this blog several years ago, I was by no means a guru. Just a guy with a laptop and no audience writing about women as I learned about and experienced them. Fast forward a few years later, and I suppose I have become somewhat of a “guru” now; I have been writing for Girls Chase for over a year and a half, writing for Return Of Kings, and created two dating products for highly intelligent men (because I know how we tend to struggle with social interactions, and the need to learn this stuff).

The first product is my book, Straight To Sex, which is selling daily and I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from readers. The second is How To Escape The Friendzone Forevermy audio course for guys just starting down this particular path. I never in my wildest dreams saw myself doing this semi-professionally, but here I am and on the next level.

Throughout my journey, I’ve had to opportunity to meet and speak with some of the biggest names in this community, and throughout our conversations, I realized something:

We are all basically doing the same thing, and explaining it in different ways.

Some people are more tactical and some are more natural, but the interactions don’t look wildly different overall and all follow the same general trajectory. This is great news to the beginner: you will eventually reach this point, though you may understand it differently than myself or someone else.

We are all doing what works for us, and then after explaining it well enough for other guys to replicate our results, then we show the system to others. I say this to point out that it can be very tempting to go from one guru to another, reading various books and watching various channels, but really…just stick with something and keep doing it, and you will eventually get it.

You will probably end up learning it one step at a time, failing thousands of times more than you succeed. Everybody good at this fails exponentially more than they succeed when we first started learning and that’s the only way to get it.

Personally, I believe that once you have the fast-closing process down–meaning the very last step of the entire seduction process–the rest becomes very easy. Almost like autopilot, because when you know what process to lead a woman towards, the right words and behavior just kind of come out of you and you just make small course-corrections along the way, according to the particular dynamic between yourself and the woman you’re dancing with.

In fact, closing back at your place is such an important process that I spent years of my life honing a system that I brought from city to city, state to state, all across the country over the last decade. I moved so much that I had to make sure that my system will work anywhere, and eventually I distilled the core principles of what I do and how I do it.

I started teaching it to other guys around the apartments where I lived (wherever it was that year) and realized that I’d really communicated the ideas in a way that resonates with people. One guy even started calling me “Pops” because he said he “wished his Dad had taught him this stuff!”

I detail not only the exact process, but also the concepts and ideas behind the steps, in my book Straight To Sex. It is everything I taught the “Pops” guy, plus a ton more insight into the actual mechanics of what women are thinking when they come over to your house for the first time.

They are really not that complicated once you understand them, and I have never seen any material that gets even close (besides my own). If you want to improve your close rate, lead the interaction better and learn how to get laid at your place, then click this link to go Straight To Sex today!

The Proper Role Of Women

Hello everyone, it has certainly been a long time since I last posted here. Many things have happened and I am a different man, in several ways, since my article on the Feminist Police State about 5 months ago.

Not the least of those ways is that I have taken my engagement in this sphere to a new level, writing and publishing my very first book about seduction. My first-date close-rate these days is 85%, and my book Straight To Sex explains the mindsets and tactics I use in order to be so lethal at this highly important stage of the game. It’s a very high quality book, as I learned the proper structure for disseminating such information from Eben Pagan (pseudonym David DeAngelo) and I am a very concise communicator anyways.

Anyway, the point of this post is to shed some light on a question every man wants to know…

“What is the proper role of women in my life? Is it as friends? Fuckbuddies? Relationships or marriage?”

You could even argue that my entire journey down the “female nature” rabbit hole has been spurred by this question alone.

I think, at long last, I have figured out that the proper role of women is to please and be useful to men. 

I stopped believing in egalitarianism some time ago, and through honest observation I cannot think of another role they belong in.

On the whole, they are too weak to do any manual labor or real military jobs, which is common sense but not enough to stop our government from wasting tons of time, money and energy trying to prove that they’re “as strong as men.”

They tend not to be smart enough to innovate anything or have any truly original thoughts or ideas. They tend to make bad employees and terrible bosses because they are fueled by emotion and think with their hearts.

Thus, since men are the ones doing 99% of the world’s hard lifting, engineering, designing, thinking, imagining, protecting, providing and so forth, the only reasonable role of a woman is to please a man and be useful to him in a way that boosts and supports his efforts to play his masculine role properly of doing all the above and more.

When they try to live in any other way, they tend to end up miserable and lonely. Careerist women tend to hate themselves and everyone else, while the happiest women seem to be those helping a man be the best man he can be, since that benefits both of them in both the short and long run.

A long time ago, I wrote on article for women on How To Please Men. 

When I wrote it, I believed that it was just a helpful reminder.

Now, I think it’s their best shot at happiness.

Where Successful, Feminism Leads To A Police State

Let us take into account some of the many aims of feminism (and the head of the medusa, liberalism/cultural Marxism itself):

1. To destabilize the nuclear family

2. To control thoughts and indoctrinate citizens in “acceptable thinking”

3. Replace merit-based outcomes with forced equal outcomes

Now, let’s go over how each one requires violence of one kind or another in order to reach its goals. Keep in mind that women will not be committing any of the actual violence, but rather will get men to do it for them (a very common scenario), particularly lawmakers and police officers.

1. The nuclear family is the Northeastern cornerstone of Western Civilization. People naturally want to work out differences and keep the best interests of each other and their children in mind, so feminism went to work taking this apart piece by piece. Firstly, by having laws enacted and selectively reinforced which give women the power to use police violence as a tool to take away a man’s child, home and career should she feel like doing so. There is nothing to stop her, she is often rewarded, and many lawyers help their clients achieve this goal. By giving such an enormous power advantage to one side, the equation was bound to fall apart. This also encourages women to make selfish decisions, despite negative impacts on other people like the men they claim to love and their children with said men.

Without the police force so complicit in their scheme, women would not have such a tempting power play at their disposal and things would be more balanced, the way they are supposed to be. The only way to enforce this outcome is with violence or the threat of violence.

2. “We don’t need no thought control…hey teacher, leave us kids alone!” Schools are the primary indoctrination centers for liberal thought-control, and now feminism uses the law as a form of violence to control the thoughts of all men, and the women who see value in traditional sex roles. Remember when they tried to “Ban Bossy,” one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever seen that cost millions of our tax dollars to produce and promote? How exactly were they planning on enforcing a ban on words?

The only possible way to do that, again, is through violence or the threat of violence. “Say that word and you’ll go to jail” is the only way, or maybe “you’ll lose your job” (attacking a man’s source of income, and ability to survive, is an extremely violent thing to do. It is essentially trying to make them starve to death because they said something Social Just-tard Warriors didn’t like).

In the near future, there will be words that you are legally not allowed to say too or around women. It began with DongleGate. It isn’t over, not by a long shot.

3. Lastly, and listen carefully, EQUAL OUTCOME WILL NEVER BE THE NATURAL OUTCOME OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITY I do not believe that, in their heart of hearts, anyone is dumb enough to really believe anything else. Equal opportunity, which we have now, naturally results in far more inequality than what we have right now–this is why so many special privileges and protections are necessary for so many members of minority groups to be employed, or in school, at the level they’re at. They were not capable of naturally achieving those positions, so “affirmation action” was employed to keep qualified white men out of things they had earned or been born with a talent for, in order to force a more equal outcome. This use of the law to bar qualified men from what is theirs, is another form of violence against a man’s income and ability to live, in favor of making someone who doesn’t belong there feel special.

The fight is not over. We must join hands and raise our voice as one for the side of Truth. We cannot, must not allow this to continue until it reaches the Point of No Return. Have the foresight to see where this is going, look where it’s gone before and realize that things are dangerously close to the exact conditions liberals think they’re protesting–a totalitarian police state that leaves everybody unhappy.

Behind Enemy Lines

I am currently the only conservative in a far-left company. It’s kind of like being Jane Goodall, except the gorillas were intelligent creatures who could articulate well-formed communication…while the far-left fundraisers practice lying for money before they go “educate” the public. They even know they’re lying a fair amount of the time, since the Alinsky strategies they don’t realize they’re using involve moral relativity and a “the ends justify the means” virtue system.

The boss of the organization, a personal friend of mine, is fully aware of my right-leaning thoughts on the environment, politics, sexual dynamics and capitalism. The discussion he had with me when I came in for the job was a special kind of enlightening, as I slowly came to realize just how blind liberals are to their own hypocrisy.

Boss: “You know you can’t talk about your political stuff here, this is an atmosphere of equality.”

Me: “For everyone except me, you mean.”

Boss: “Exactly, we try to cultivate an environment where everyone feels tolerated.”

Me: “As long as they agree with your politics, you mean.”

Boss: “No, like, we want everyone to feel included.”

Me: “How does it make me feel included to tell me I have to suppress my opinions and beliefs at work?”

Boss: “…”

Me: (smiling)

Boss: “Look, if you want to work here just keep it to yourself.”

Then he moved on from the topic, activating his own mental Etch-A-Sketch to avoid acknowledging his casually throwing out everything he claimed to believe in–at the same time as he claimed to believe in it.

They’re fun people to be around, when they aren’t busy talking shit about Republicans and the Koch Brothers (while simultaneously denying the existence and writings of George Soros), the evils of the government (as if they’d be allowed to exist in half the countries of the world), the evils of men (as if anything, ever, literally anything would have ever gotten accomplished without us), and the evils of money (which they spend all day taking from people).

They lose no sleep over this. It fascinates me to no end.

What We Can Learn From Julien Blanc

If you’re either part of this community or just generally watch the news, you’ve probably seen that Julien Blanc (from Real Social Dynamics) was banned from several countries as a result of the feminist left attacking him for some (admittedly crude) videos he published of himself choking random Japanese strangers to get into their pants. The fact that it actually worked has not yet been mentioned in the media; a shame considering that there’s a lot of value to be had in the discussion of how women sexually respond to male sexual aggression / domination. Instead, it’s simply the usual “he’s the devil” rhetoric with no inkling to even peek below the surface. Ah, America–I love you so, and yet your citizens would rather electrically shock themselves than have to think for a few minutes.

No, here at this site our IQ is a tad higher than the norm, so we’ll have a real discussion instead. The real discussion to be had surrounding this issue is fairly simple:

The energy between the sexes is really, really fucked up when men are so confused that they’ll pay huge sums of money just to learn how to have sex with women.

Successully having sex with each other is the sole purpose for which most of our bodies and brains appear to have been designed. Wired deep into the core of our DNA is God knows how many lines of code and instruction for how a man can and should get his penis inside a human vagina. Imagine the disconnect that has occurred to get from there–from nature itself–to the situation we are in today. What could we have possibly fucked up so badly to have males terrified of women and unable to speak with them, and women completely unable to attract and keep high-value mates?

Neither sex is winning this war, since we’ve been pitted against each other by people who have anything but our best interests in mind. Meanwhile, the wimminz make posters and march topless through the streets, shoving crucifixes (crucifixi?) into their anuses to make points about…something….while the world falls apart around them.

Hope is not lost–not if we can bring this discussion to light and have the intellectual courage to honestly examine the circumstances which led to where we are today. And then, once there, discussing will no longer be enough and we must actively turn the tide through legislation, a rewiring of the education system to remove toxic classes like anything stinking of Gender Studies or similar trash, and replacing such classes with useful information that make people into productive citizens and intelligent human beings. That is the real age of Enlightenment we can begin to move towards, rather than the magical utopia leftists would otherwise find out was never in store for them to begin with.

New Articles on GirlsChase

Here is a link to my big list of articles on GirlsChase, with a little teaser for each one. Three of my articles have been published since I last updated you guys, all near the top of the list. If you aren’t a member of GirlsChase, you should be–the signal:noise ratio is excellent and among the best in this corner of the internet.