Shout-Out To My Amazing Fans And Readers

You guys rock!

I wrote my first book, Straight To Sex, specifically to address a problem that I heard over and over and OVER again from guys all over the GirlsChase forums and elsewhere in the seduction community.

That problem?

After doing all the work to approach a girl, get her number, meet up with her and get her home…they kept dropping the ball!

They either didn’t know how to read the girl, didn’t know how to escalate, or how to properly lead the dance….and so the girl went home and they both ended the night disappointed.

If this has happened to you, then you already know that there is basically a zero percent chance that she will see you again.

After all, why should she?

She was impressed, aroused and excited…then MASSIVELY disappointed when you failed to sweep her off her feet and make her feel incredible.

Trust me guys–they are just as mad about it as you are, when you don’t know what you’re doing and can’t succeed in that final and most crucial phase of the process.

That problem is literally the only reason I wrote my book, and I love getting your emails telling me about how I set you back on course.

So many of you have dealt with this issue that Straight To Sex has been shooting up the Amazon rankings this week, going from top 600, to top 300, and is just shy of the top 200 for ALL THE BOOKS ON DATING.

This is awesome, and just shows me how badly my service has been missing from the community thus far.

It gives me great hope and joy to see so many guys taking action to improve their sex lives and take control of their own ships in life. I am so proud to be part of the solution, and so happy to see people taking accountability for their own shortcomings and working so hard to improve them.

You guys are, truly, the only kind of people that make it anywhere in this world.

I know that many people reading this right now have still not decided to take the next step and join the ranks of the laid and happy….

So if dropping the ball at the last minute is still a problem for you, and you’re sick of having to start all over again with a new girl every single time it happens, then be sure to check out the book and see what all the fuss is about.

Cheers gentlemen,


Should You Give A Girl Your Number?

I remember what it was like when I started to learn seduction and finally take control of my dating life. After many years of being too scared of women I liked to even ask for their number–and seeing how it got me absolutely nowhere, every single time–I had all the motivation I needed.

Unfortunately, I had no idea what to actually do.

You see, nobody ever taught me how to talk to women. I’m the oldest sibling, so I had no older brothers. My father is a great guy, but not exactly the Don Juan type.

So, I had no idea of what I was communicating to women with my tone, body language, and energy. I had no idea how communication with women worked at all, really–they always seemed like an alien species to me that spoke another language entirely.

I remember trying to learn each every little gesture, very joke and routine that I was learning about in the stuff I was reading. And one of the biggest topics of all for me was…how do I actually get her number? Should I give her mine instead? Does it even make a difference?

Back when I wrote the article which I linked to above, I explained the psychology and tactical strategy of how to exchange contact information with a woman.

While I still stand by all those ideas, I was still seeing the micro picture back then. I didn’t yet have the experience or the wisdom to understand the higher perspective of the sexual market.

So here is the real truth of the matter.

It does not matter how the contact information is exchanged. It matters what the ENERGY between you two is, at the time of the exchange. Thus, the timing and energy are more important than the specific tactic.

What I mean is this:

If the energy between you and a woman you want to date is not sexually polarized…if there is no sexual tension and it feels platonic or forgettable to her…then even if you do the proper tactics for exchanging the number, she won’t answer your call or text.

Women make decisions based on how they feel, to a greater extent than men do.

So, if the interaction felt exciting for her, then she will not care whether she took your number or gave you hers. In both cases, she will be excited to continue speaking with you and will be happily engaged in conversation with you whenever you talk to her.

If it felt flat for her, then she will probably have forgotten you before you even asked for the number. In that case, she will either give you a fake number, or politely give you a real one just to get you to go away.

Thus, to get her number in a way that makes her want to see you again, you must first understand what it is that women actually want in a man. 

Then, when she realizes that you are the kind of man she is looking for, the rest is very easy.

Most guys make the mistake of thinking that, if they just do what society told them women want, then women will automatically like them.

Good job, cool car, nice clothes, always being respectful, etc.

But then we try those things and quickly realize…that isn’t what women actually respond to. They respond to men who are dominant. They respond to men with self-respect and most of all, men with boundaries.

Boundaries are those limits we set for how we will allow other people to treat us without some sort of reaction from us that lets us know what kind of behavior is, and is not, OK.

Men with no boundaries are treated like sweet little brothers and/or doormats. After all, from a woman’s point of view, why should she respect a man who doesn’t respect himself?

And you know what?

I agree with them!

Men with boundaries become team captains, entrepreneurs, millionaires, seducers, bosses, and maybe even the great leaders of society.

Thus, the most important thing you can do to attract women is to develop a healthy set of boundaries and mindsets.

Once I did this, the dynamic between myself and the women I liked changed permanently.

Now, I am the one in control of how I feel around women. I am the Master and Commander of my emotional ship. This is what it feels like once you become the kind of man that women–and other men–actually respect.

I wrote down everything I’ve learned and taught and written and coached about these topics, and compiled it into a book of mindsets and tactics that help you evolve beyond the point where you trying to figure out how to ask for her number…because you’ll be able to easily tell by the look on her face that she is just waiting for you to ask so she can say “yes, sure!”

That’s when it get really fun–when you can tell she wants you, and you get to tease her a little bit before you let her have what she wants…you!

If that’s something you want to experience, then check out my new book Escape The Friendzone Forever to make it your reality today.

Why Do Feminists Want Women To Be Raped?


Evidence That The Womens’ Movement Is Actively Harming Women

While constantly shouting about the evils of rape, Feminists do everything in their power to endanger the minds and bodies of the women unfortunate enough to come into contact with them. I will explore why this is the case later on in this article, but we will begin by examining the evidence and asking some critical questions. My theory, that Feminists want women to be raped, is powerfully and empirically supported by three primary pillars:

1. Feminists lie to women about their odds of being raped.

Depending on the time of day and how angry they feel, Feminists tell women that anywhere from 1/3 to 1/6 of them will be raped during their lifetimes. Sometimes, on a whim, they will claim that this is especially the case on college campuses. Despite the fact that this myth has been debunked thousands of times over, and the fact that women are safer on college campuses than the general public, and the fact that a rape rate of 1/3 would make it the single most prevalent crime that has ever happened, anywhere on Earth, at any point in human history…Feminists bleat these numbers as often as possible while knowing them to be lies.

So, one has to wonder. What is the benefit of exaggerating womens’ chances of being raped? What good does it do, for a young woman to be far more fearful of violent sexual assault than is statistically reasonable? Does it help someone to walk around afraid? Of course not.

On a metaphysical and spiritual level, walking around terrified of something is exactly how you cause it to occur in your life. Focus determines reality, and expectations create it. Thus, every time a Feminist lies to an impressionable young women that she has a 1/3 chance of getting raped at college, that Feminist is actively contributing to the odds that such a crime could occur.

So one has to wonder, why is this going on? What kind of person would knowingly do such a thing to another human being? Why would people want women to live in a fear-based paradigm, especially one that isn’t remotely true? I’ll get to that later…but for now, let’s go over some other perpetual Feminist actions which demonstrate that Feminists want as many women to be raped as possible.

2. Feminists hide the truth about who is most likely to rape women.

Since “liberal activists” tend to hang out in the same circles, it is extremely common for a given “activist” to believe in Gay Rights, Feminism, “Black Lives Matter,” Socialism, and “Anti-Racism.” While “Anti-Racist” really just means “Anti-White” in practice, that will not be the focus on this article. Instead, it is important to understand the connection here:

Since Feminists are generally the same people who actively fight to hide the truth about race and crime statistics, another way they actively contribute to the rape of women is by not providing them with honest documented evidence about who is most likely to victimize them in such a manner. By denying women this vital information, Feminists keep women gullible and unaware or potentially dangerous people and situations. Not only do Feminists hide the truth about race and crime, but they actively go after anyone who tries to tell the truth to women in order to help them.

One interesting fact is that, statistically, zero black women are raped by Whites each year. That does not mean the number is actually zero, simply that zero of the people surveyed in the National Crime Victimization Survey reported it as such. Other estimates put the number of White-on-Black rape each year at between 0 and 10. Thus, teaching black women that White men are evil and oppressive and out to get them is keeping them focused on the group which is, by several orders of magnitude, the least likely to sexually assault them.

Contrast that with the number of Black-on-White sexual assaults each year, which between 2003 and 2008, averaged out to 22,534 Black-on-White sexual assaults per year. In that same time period, the average for Black-on-Black is 24,730 Black-on-Black rapes/sexual assaults per year, and the average for White-on-Black sexual assaults remains 0 per year.

By insisting that White men are dangerous and evil, or that it’s somehow a “myth” that race and crime are intricately intertwined, Feminists are once again deliberately keeping women afraid of the wrong things, believing in fantasies which endanger them, and encouraging them to get into dangerous situations.

As I mentioned, anyone who tries to point out these documented, empirical facts is instantly slandered, harassed, and labeled as a “racist bigot Nazi White supremacist” in order to shame the speaker into silence and submission. But who is the bad guy…the person hiding the facts, or the person exposing the lies?

Why would Feminists want to attack people who are trying to communicate safety information to women? This is like selling someone a car, while attacking anyone who gets caught trying to explain how to use the seat belt. Why would anyone do that? I hope you’re starting to see the bigger picture here, but we aren’t done quite yet.

Before we get to that part, let’s cover the final pillar which supports the theory that Feminists want as many women to be raped as possible.

3. Feminists actively discourage women from taking precautionary measures and defending themselves.

Of all the insanity covered thus far, this fact is by far the most telling…and also the most dangerous. If a woman gets raped, people often ask “How did that happen? What were you doing at the time?” in order to help the victim come up with a plan so as not to be re-victimized in the future. After all, as Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.” Thus, if a woman was hurt and desired to be safe in the future, logically she would want to know which actions do and do not contribute to the chance of being victimized. This is how the world operates for every crime there is, whether it’s fraud, embezzlement or robbery.

However, Feminists will accuse people who ask women these questions of “victim-blaming,” a senseless term meant to disparage the speaker and negate their helpful intentions so as to make the woman ignore their potentially life-saving advice.

Worse still, Feminist “professors” and “activists” are actively encouraging the very behavior that is getting women raped in the first place; namely, they are encouraging women to walk around with their tits showing, get as wasted as they want, with whomever they want, taking whatever drugs they want and indulging in any sexual activity they want…while delusionally expecting such a lifestyle to have no consequences. This is identical to telling someone to walk around the ghetto with money sticking out of their pockets, shouting about how much money they’re carrying, announcing that they don’t know self-defense…and then expecting them to walk through the ghetto completely unscathed.

Or…maybe they don’t expect it at all. Consider the possibility that Feminists want women to be raped.

In fact, I hope you can see clearly by now there is something amiss and far deeper and darker than “equality” going on here. The question becomes, why would Feminists want to create as many rape victims as possible?

The answer is that people who are afraid are easier to control. By putting women into a state of fear, Feminists guarantee their dependence on Big Daddy government to watch out for them and protect them—all while lying to them about rape and income statistics just to get their vote and support.

All they have to do is say “patriarchy” and their useful tools are instantly triggered into emotional states which are then further manipulated by the propaganda.

And that is the ultimate irony of Feminism: an ideology which outwardly claims to dismantle oppressive structures and misogynist ideas…controls the female population through fear and lies.