Why Do Feminists Want Women To Be Raped?


Evidence That The Womens’ Movement Is Actively Harming Women

While constantly shouting about the evils of rape, Feminists do everything in their power to endanger the minds and bodies of the women unfortunate enough to come into contact with them. I will explore why this is the case later on in this article, but we will begin by examining the evidence and asking some critical questions. My theory, that Feminists want women to be raped, is powerfully and empirically supported by three primary pillars:

1. Feminists lie to women about their odds of being raped.

Depending on the time of day and how angry they feel, Feminists tell women that anywhere from 1/3 to 1/6 of them will be raped during their lifetimes. Sometimes, on a whim, they will claim that this is especially the case on college campuses. Despite the fact that this myth has been debunked thousands of times over, and the fact that women are safer on college campuses than the general public, and the fact that a rape rate of 1/3 would make it the single most prevalent crime that has ever happened, anywhere on Earth, at any point in human history…Feminists bleat these numbers as often as possible while knowing them to be lies.

So, one has to wonder. What is the benefit of exaggerating womens’ chances of being raped? What good does it do, for a young woman to be far more fearful of violent sexual assault than is statistically reasonable? Does it help someone to walk around afraid? Of course not.

On a metaphysical and spiritual level, walking around terrified of something is exactly how you cause it to occur in your life. Focus determines reality, and expectations create it. Thus, every time a Feminist lies to an impressionable young women that she has a 1/3 chance of getting raped at college, that Feminist is actively contributing to the odds that such a crime could occur.

So one has to wonder, why is this going on? What kind of person would knowingly do such a thing to another human being? Why would people want women to live in a fear-based paradigm, especially one that isn’t remotely true? I’ll get to that later…but for now, let’s go over some other perpetual Feminist actions which demonstrate that Feminists want as many women to be raped as possible.

2. Feminists hide the truth about who is most likely to rape women.

Since “liberal activists” tend to hang out in the same circles, it is extremely common for a given “activist” to believe in Gay Rights, Feminism, “Black Lives Matter,” Socialism, and “Anti-Racism.” While “Anti-Racist” really just means “Anti-White” in practice, that will not be the focus on this article. Instead, it is important to understand the connection here:

Since Feminists are generally the same people who actively fight to hide the truth about race and crime statistics, another way they actively contribute to the rape of women is by not providing them with honest documented evidence about who is most likely to victimize them in such a manner. By denying women this vital information, Feminists keep women gullible and unaware or potentially dangerous people and situations. Not only do Feminists hide the truth about race and crime, but they actively go after anyone who tries to tell the truth to women in order to help them.

One interesting fact is that, statistically, zero black women are raped by Whites each year. That does not mean the number is actually zero, simply that zero of the people surveyed in the National Crime Victimization Survey reported it as such. Other estimates put the number of White-on-Black rape each year at between 0 and 10. Thus, teaching black women that White men are evil and oppressive and out to get them is keeping them focused on the group which is, by several orders of magnitude, the least likely to sexually assault them.

Contrast that with the number of Black-on-White sexual assaults each year, which between 2003 and 2008, averaged out to 22,534 Black-on-White sexual assaults per year. In that same time period, the average for Black-on-Black is 24,730 Black-on-Black rapes/sexual assaults per year, and the average for White-on-Black sexual assaults remains 0 per year.

By insisting that White men are dangerous and evil, or that it’s somehow a “myth” that race and crime are intricately intertwined, Feminists are once again deliberately keeping women afraid of the wrong things, believing in fantasies which endanger them, and encouraging them to get into dangerous situations.

As I mentioned, anyone who tries to point out these documented, empirical facts is instantly slandered, harassed, and labeled as a “racist bigot Nazi White supremacist” in order to shame the speaker into silence and submission. But who is the bad guy…the person hiding the facts, or the person exposing the lies?

Why would Feminists want to attack people who are trying to communicate safety information to women? This is like selling someone a car, while attacking anyone who gets caught trying to explain how to use the seat belt. Why would anyone do that? I hope you’re starting to see the bigger picture here, but we aren’t done quite yet.

Before we get to that part, let’s cover the final pillar which supports the theory that Feminists want as many women to be raped as possible.

3. Feminists actively discourage women from taking precautionary measures and defending themselves.

Of all the insanity covered thus far, this fact is by far the most telling…and also the most dangerous. If a woman gets raped, people often ask “How did that happen? What were you doing at the time?” in order to help the victim come up with a plan so as not to be re-victimized in the future. After all, as Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.” Thus, if a woman was hurt and desired to be safe in the future, logically she would want to know which actions do and do not contribute to the chance of being victimized. This is how the world operates for every crime there is, whether it’s fraud, embezzlement or robbery.

However, Feminists will accuse people who ask women these questions of “victim-blaming,” a senseless term meant to disparage the speaker and negate their helpful intentions so as to make the woman ignore their potentially life-saving advice.

Worse still, Feminist “professors” and “activists” are actively encouraging the very behavior that is getting women raped in the first place; namely, they are encouraging women to walk around with their tits showing, get as wasted as they want, with whomever they want, taking whatever drugs they want and indulging in any sexual activity they want…while delusionally expecting such a lifestyle to have no consequences. This is identical to telling someone to walk around the ghetto with money sticking out of their pockets, shouting about how much money they’re carrying, announcing that they don’t know self-defense…and then expecting them to walk through the ghetto completely unscathed.

Or…maybe they don’t expect it at all. Consider the possibility that Feminists want women to be raped.

In fact, I hope you can see clearly by now there is something amiss and far deeper and darker than “equality” going on here. The question becomes, why would Feminists want to create as many rape victims as possible?

The answer is that people who are afraid are easier to control. By putting women into a state of fear, Feminists guarantee their dependence on Big Daddy government to watch out for them and protect them—all while lying to them about rape and income statistics just to get their vote and support.

All they have to do is say “patriarchy” and their useful tools are instantly triggered into emotional states which are then further manipulated by the propaganda.

And that is the ultimate irony of Feminism: an ideology which outwardly claims to dismantle oppressive structures and misogynist ideas…controls the female population through fear and lies.

How To Get More Blowjobs

In my humble opinion, a great blowjob feels better than mediocre sex. Plus you don’t have to do any work, so it’s a win-win.

How to get more blowjobs is the same thing as how to elicit any other kind of behavior: reward the behavior you want with pleasure, and ignore the behavior you don’t want. Ignoring works better than punishing in most cases, since the withdrawal of attention is, itself, a punishment.

So, you want to reward her giving you a blowjob. But you don’t just want to do something nice for her afterwards–which you definitely should do–but we can also use an NLP trick in order to anchor the sensation of pleasure to the action of her sucking your dick.

“Anchoring” is what Pavlov did with his dogs when got them to salivate upon hearing the sound of a bell; he did it by pairing the sound with the action of giving them food. This made the dogs come to expect food upon hearing the sound of a bell, because the two concepts became anchored in their minds.

Similarly, you can anchor the sensation of pleasure to the act of her sucking your dick, by giving her pleasure while she is doing so. How exactly that looks will depend on the particular girl–some may prefer to be fingered, while others may prefer you to just play with their clit, or put a finger in her ass, or tweak her nipples, or whatever else she likes most…do that while she is going down on you (especially when she first starts doing so).

Yes, it is a little more work than just laying there enjoying it, but it is the kind of labor which reaps great rewards down the road.

If you enjoyed this quick tip and want to learn how else you can make relationships with women far more fun than most mens’ will ever be, be sure to check out my book and audio course here.


Never Let A Woman Get In Your Head

Many posts on seduction websites and forums boil down to, “Help me figure out what she meant by ________.”

While thoughts about what she might have meant by X sentence or Y action are spinning around the man’s head, he rarely realizes what a carefully-laid trap was presented to him. The reason girls do one thing and say another, beyond the fact that everything they say and do is a product of that particular moment only, is that they subconsciously cause the man to invest in her with thoughts, energy and emotion.

If you invest a lot of thought, energy and emotion into a particular woman, then it doesn’t matter whether you’ve bought her a car or paid made her pay for everything: you will still become the more invested party in the relationship.

Whoever is more invested in the other is the one that can’t break up with the other, is more respectful to the other, and is ultimately submissive to the other.

I have been the person in that position, many times…at least as many as I have been in the stronger position. It sucks. If it has happened to you, then you also know how badly it sucks to be the more invested person in a relationship. There is absolutely no benefit to being the more invested person in a relationship, unless you count emotional highs and lows as a “benefit,” and idealists may suggest that it’s best when “the investment is equal.”

Now, what does that mean? I have no idea. Nobody has ever explained to me how people or ideas could be “equal” because the term is meaningless outside of mathematics. In all cases, one party has more power than the other (and this is not necessarily a bad thing).

Relationships are only beneficial to masculine men when women are in the subordinate position.

Very soft guys wind up essentially as their girlfriends’ or wives’ pets. They like being told what to do, and all other men make fun of them for being “whipped.” You don’t want to be one of those guys.

You want to be in the slighter-higher position. It doesn’t need to be a huge disparity, more like 55%/45% or even 60%/40% in your favor. So long as the dynamic is clear to both of you that you are ultimately the one that makes big decisions.

She will constantly be testing to see what the dynamic is. That is her nature.

In order to maintain the dominant position, you must not be the one with all those thoughts spinning around in your head. If you meet, date and sleep with enough women, you will eventually figure out which kinds of ideas they will share with you in order to get you to mentally invest in them (there are patterns, and they only do different shades of the same things).

You must fend off those mind-bombs with the grace and quickness of a ninja. Guard your critical factor, the metaphorical part of your mind which weighs information and shuts off during hypnosis, as if it were your personal hoard of treasures. In the end, it is.

One of the easiest ways to do this, the best way I’ve found so far, is to be so busy with other projects that her attempts at drama just seem to you like a bad investment of time on your part. When that is your mentality, looking at things and experiences as good or bad investments of the precious little time you truly have here on Earth, then it becomes very naturally easy to Guard your mind against outsiders.

This will save you an extraordinary amount of time and effort in your relationships, but far more importantly, will amplify the amount of energy you can expend on your other projects, be they hobbies, the gym or business ventures.

Why I Only Date Women With Alpha Fathers

Despite the fact that I write thousands of words a day and am constantly creating new products and courses, I still consider myself to be fundamentally lazy. This is especially true when it comes to women, though this only became the case after the last year or so.

When a woman comes to you, she is like clay. She has been molded by things in her past, and her relationship with you will mold her further. I have written before about how women are like water, the flowing archetype, and will tend to take the shape of whatever container is put around that energy (ie, the masculine structure).

Girls with Daddy Issues, though they may be physically attractive, tend to be an enormous pain in the ass and is never worth the time or energy or having a relationship with them. Girls raised by single mothers (or mothers on a constant rotation of boyfriends and/or husbands) are by far the worst. Next worst is girls with beta fathers, and grew up observing a relationship in which the father was submissive to the mother.

While both of those types can be trained to behave better, it never lasts long and the endless testing and pushing of boundaries is insufferable. These days, I only date women who had Alpha male fathers that disciplined them properly and taught them what behavior was and was not acceptable towards men. Such women come to you a much more refined block of lady-clay, and while they will still test (as all women are programmed and destined to do), they will respect the boundaries once they figure them out and keep the testing to only occasional.

They are also more compliant and respectful in general, and have a very feminine-polarized energy. Since it is not worth my time (or yours) to try and fix women who don’t know how to behave, I encourage you to only date such women (if you are at least somewhat dominant yourself).The dance of polarities feels much more natural, pleasurable and fun than constantly dueling with the typical loud-mouthed American “woman.”

Same-Day Lay With A Hired Gun

I was visiting another city last weekend, and decided to spend my last night in town by going to see a movie. I checked the theater website, decided on “Ted 2,” and headed to the local mall to get my ticket.

Upon arriving, I realized I had misread the times and showed up an hour early by accident–so I decided to walk around the mall and see whether there were any girls who were both Interested and Available for me to play with.

I walked the length of the mall a couple times without seeing anything I liked, then looked into a clothing store and saw one who seemed like my type. I walked into the store and, in a very indirect way, made some small talk and some jokes and felt out the vibe. I made absolutely sure to mention that I was leaving the following morning, to build a sense of both urgency and the fact that there would be zero social consequences for sleeping with me. She giggled at my jokes, which is always a good sign, so after a couple minutes I asked,

“So what time do you get off work?”


“Wanna hang out?”

“I can’t….” she said with a grin.

“Yes you can” I replied with a bigger one.

“Hahah, OK, yeah take my number down” she said as I put her number in my phone.

I told her I would text her after the movie and see what she was up to, then continued on my mall journey. I saw the movie at about 9:30 (it was hilarious) and then it got out around 11, so I texted her “Hey it’s Drexel….what are you up to?”

I waited ten minutes and got no response, so I chalked it up as a fake number and started to drive back to where I was staying. Just then I got a text…

“Hey sorry I just got out of the shower. Where do you want to meet?”

Ding ding, we have a winner. I told her to come meet me back at the mall, and drove back to the parking lot there.

When she arrived, I said “let’s drive around and find something fun, just bring me back to my car later” and she agreed.

After a few seconds of pretending we were there to do anything besides fuck, I suggested we just “park somewhere and listen to music.” She agreed.

She parked the car in a dark part of the parking lot and turned the radio on. I said “actually let’s get out,” so we got out, then “actually let’s get back in, but in the back, there’s more room to dance to the music back here.” She laughed, knowing what I was doing, but got into the backseat with me.

Immediately, we took our clothes off and started to make out. She started sucking my dick (and quite well, might I add) and I went to finger her while she was doing so. I usually do that, to build a connection in her mind between sucking my dick, and feeling pleasure. However, she said it was distracting her, so I stopped and just let her do her thing.

While I was sitting in her backseat enjoying the suction, a mall security guard apparently thought it was odd that we were parked there so late at night, and wandered over to her car with a big flashlight in his hand. He shined the light in and told us to leave. It was hilarious and she was a great sport about it…neither of us had been caught doing this kind of thing in a long time!

We were both naked in the front seat now, having just gotten out and back in to leave the parking lot and find somewhere else to go. We drove around the side streets near the mall for a few minutes, eventually parking in front of a house with all the lights off (so we assumed nobody was home or they were all asleep). We got back into the backseat, where she sucked me off again to make me hard. Once it was, I fucked her and then we drove back to the mall and she dropped me off.

All in all it was a perfect and extremely fun pick-up. Remember, gentlemen: women like sex just as much as you do (arguably more). They just want to make sure you are a certain kind of guy before they will show you that side of themselves.


Gone in 60 Seconds (The One-Minute Pull)

Many men simply have no idea what is possible when you get really good at this stuff. In my earlier years, I would absolutely never have dreamed that I would be having regular group sex and meeting tons of women with ease.

Even with all the skills I have gained and practice over the years, sometimes I surprise even myself when everything comes together just so, the woman and I are dancing well and everyone is on the same page.

Let me give you an example from a short while ago. Until this night, my record was about 5 minutes from seeing a girl for the first time, to being inside of her for the first time (in her case, it was also the last time).

Even though I don’t drink, I was out at a bar with some friends–two female and one male. The other guy and I were leaning against the bar and watching the two women in our group dancing with each other. They’d had a few drinks and would occasionally grab each other in wonderfully enticing places, so we were chilling there enjoying the show.

I turned around to order a water, and found a young lady wearing a red dress and a pearl necklace. She was standing next to me and giving me some (to me, extremely obvious) “fuck-me” eyes. Instead of ordering the water, I looked back at her and asked if she wanted to dance.

Isolated with her on the dance floor, I got straight to logistics because I felt that the vibe between she and I did not necessitate any further Attraction or Comfort. I asked her,

“So who are you here with?”

“That guy over there.” (she pointed to a male in the bar)

“Is he a friend friend, or a special friend?” I asked this to figure out whether she wanted to sleep with me alone, or for me to double team her with her boyfriend or whoever he was

“He’s just a regular friend.”

“Cool. By the way, I love your pearl necklace.”

“Thanks!” (smiling)

“I’d love to give you another one.” (grinning)

“I live right up the street, wanna go?”

“Sure, let me just tell my friends that I’ll be back in a bit.”

And that was it. We left the bar, walked to her place and had wild, dirty sex. The entire interaction occurred in less than one full minute.

That’s not even the craziest part of that particular night…not even close…but I may reveal the rest at some point in the future. The point is, when you have the proper tactics, combined with the proper mindsets and the proper sexual energy, then there is really no sexual experience on Earth which won’t become available to you.

Trust me, I know. I started with nothing at all, and didn’t even get laid until I was 20 years old! And then, only after years of studying seduction material like Mystery’s books and David DeAngelo’s as well. I got good at this stuff the very slow and difficult way.

I don’t want it to be slow and difficult for you, as well. Frankly I think there is no reason to do it that way, when you could simply find the life-changing, paradigm-shifting material that can begin the mental Alchemy process needed to become a guy who gets tons of fast, hot, EASY sex.

After nearly a decade of doing this, and a lady count in the triple digits, I distilled everything I know about getting laid the first time a woman comes over and wrote a book about it. I’m talking to the importance of leading, how to lead, how to plan out and run a simple, repeatable process that you can take girls through over and over again until you know it so well that it’s basically on autopilot for you. That is when your real creativity will start to shine through.

My book has nothing but positive reviews, and so far everyone who has gotten his hands on a copy absolutely loves it. I’m not bragging when I say there is nothing else in the Community like the information and ideas you will find in my book.

If for whatever reason it doesn’t meet and exceed your expectations, then I will give you up to 30 days to refund it with No Questions Asked. There is literally no risk here but a lifetime of easy sex to gain.

So, if you’re ready to turn those lonely nights into fast, easy sex with the women you desire…then click this link to go Straight To Sex today!

White Men On Mars And The Language Of Parasitism

On break from their paid protests about how “Black Lives Matter,” Social Justice Warriors are now satiating their need for pain and drama by worrying about white male privilege on Mars.

Obviously ignoring the fact that all inventions and advances and discoveries regarding space exploration have been made by white men, professional ignoramus Martin Robbins has prophesied that we will “start a war” with whatever native population may live there, “before dragging them into some forms of slavery and oppression. It’s just what we do.”

From the last sentence, we find the typical psychological failure of the Modern White Liberal: a combined one-two punch of pathological humanitarianism and White ethnomasochism. These two traits, instilled by a program of shaming and disinformation throughout the American school system and media, are the core dysfunctions of the Modern White Liberal. The self-directed racism (in the true sense of the word) is also unsurprising, as are other gynocentric comments made by the author in the article.

I would like to also point out that one culture cannot oppress and enslave an “equal” culture. The mere existence of a dominant group and a submissive one proves inherent differences between them.

Anyway, the cuck-for-a-living who wrote that piece apparently took his ideas from a black woman who is complaining about all the hard work everyone else is doing and all the ways that she should get their rewards instead. She also constantly links to pictures of emoticons throughout her “scientific” article, demonstrating exactly how women struggle to keep their emotions out of their supposed logic. Tweeting words like “YASSSS” and “totes” proves my point further–we are talking about someone supposedly well educated who can grasp neither proper English nor the concept of empowering oneself through hard work rather than begging. Exactly the kind of person rewarded by Social Justice Scammers all across America.

DNLee’s bio says that her experience as a researcher includes “informal experiential science experiences,” which is fucking hilarious and basically means “her feelings.”

This brings us to the topic of parasitism: leeching resources from others simply because the opportunity either exists or can be created. While there is nothing surprising about a liberal black woman screeching both racist and sexist epithets while keeping her job because nobody can fire blacks without fear of legal retribution–even if they’re awful people and bad employees–DNLee takes it a step further.

She says, “Diversity, Inclusion, Access and Ethics should be a critical part of these conversations about space science, discovery, exploration, and yes eventual travel and emigration.

With no due respect, DNLee, who the fuck are you to say what “should or should not” transpire in an industry you’ve contributed nothing to? This is the equivalent of my going to an organic chemistry lab and demanding they change the way everything is done to better suit my feelings on a topic I have no understanding of whatsoever.

Were I to partake in such a venture, I would rightfully be laughed out of the building. So why do we tolerate and pay people like DNLee to spew their garbage opinions? If I have to point it out, then I guess I will be the one to do it: “Diversity, Inclusion, Access and Ethics” is code for “I didn’t earn it, but give me it anyway.” It is pure parasitism and the fancy language used to dress it up doesn’t make it any prettier than a pig with a bow one.

“Diversity” = white people aren’t sharing enough with everyone else, despite the fact that “everyone else” wouldn’t dream of even helping a white person up when they were genuinely down (and there is no chance of a thank-you, there will only be more demanding)

“Inclusion” = people who lack the brains, merit and talent should be allowed to make decisions for everyone else because it will make them feel better. The obvious negative effect on the community “shouldn’t” be a factor.

Access = Violating the right to free association

Ethics = We will morally shame you for not wanting toxic parasites sucking the blood out of those who actually invent, design, produce and execute.

DNLee’s solution, of course, is to demand that other people come up with (and implement) the actual solution. That is what women mean when they use words like “need to” and “should:” they mean men, fix this. 

So, as a proud White man who is ironically expected to come up with the solution to DNLee’s problem, this is my best suggestion:

If Social Justice Warriors are already bitching about potential problems in the future when we colonize Mars…then leave them here.

EDIT: Upon publishing this article yesterday, I directed a Tweet to @DNLee5, the Twitter account of the liberal black woman demanding “Diversity, Inclusion, Access, and Ethics” for something she didn’t contribute to in any way, shape or form. She blocked me on Twitter instantly, because Social Justice Warriors are–at their core–terrified of being called to account or asked to partake in open dialogue. They can only feel comfortable sharing their toxic viewpoints within the comfort of a bubble in which nobody is allowed to ask questions or point out what they are doing. Censorship is admitting defeat. DNLee, I accept your white flag and will add it to my collection.