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The Truth About Sexual Harassment

No matter where you look on the internet, someone right now is posting something about how men need to stop sexually harassing women. It’s about taking up “too much space” on public transportation, or passing a laughably stupid “affirmative consent” law, or maybe even about how we make eye contact too rape-like. Whatever it is, it’s probably going viral.

Enough of this crap, let’s have a little talk about what sexual harassment is. But first, a definition:

Sexual harassment (n.)

a. when a man makes a move on a woman who is not attracted to him

b. a wise and musical panda

Now, early readers of this blog will recall that one of my first-ever posts in the Manosphere was critiquing sexual harassment and enlightening the world on its equivalent, relationship harassment. Yes, I used the panda joke twice. You liked it both times.

But let’s get back to the topic at hand, so I can refresh your memory: sexual harassment is when a man makes a move on a woman who is not attracted to him. Not anything more, and not anything less. Unlike my penis, it’s not an “extension of the patriarchy.”

I’ve often gotten laid with the exact same move at the exact same point in the interaction. However, it doesn’t always work–not even close. Were I to do the exact same thing to three women in one night, the outcomes would be:

Girl 1: Put her hand in my face and shut down immediately

Girl 2: Enjoys that I made the move in such a way, but does not have sex with me

Girl 3: Gets so wet that we fuck less than an hour later

And this is often exactly what happens: you do something a few times until you find someone it works on. I’ve mentioned before that sales is the exact same way, and the analogy serves once again: a typical door-to-door salesman will encounter similar Reds, Yellows and Greens (though generally not with sex involved). One person will slam the door in his face, another will hear him out to be polite, and a third will want to buy halfway through the pitch.

So “sexual harassment” is, in that sense, collateral damage from what an average man must do to get laid. Which brings us quite nicely to my next point:

Men will do whatever we have to in order to get laid.

If we have to talk to 10 or 15 girls before we find one to fuck us, then we will talk to 10 or 15 girls. It’s really that simple. Sexual harassment would cease if women approached men more often, but I don’t live in fantasy land, so that’s not really a possibility worth considering. I do like it when they approach, I imagine all men do.

But the real heart of the issue, the reason I write so many damn articles on the exact same topic, is because many men are very uncalibrated. I go to great lengths trying to teach younger guys how the dating game really works (god knows they don’t listen most of the time) because being uncalibrated both gets them not-laid and upsets the woman. It is crucial to understand female signals (actually that’s the only thing that matters).

In all mammals, sex happens when the female signals for it. Humans are no exception, except that so many male humans (particularly the type with poor or absent father-figures) have no idea what those signals are. Considering that knowledge of these signals is required for our species to propagate and survive, it is clear that what young boys are being shown as role models are actually damaging their ability to live according to their DNA, by filling their minds with useless crap that distracts them from what they need to know. If this is the case for you, I feel you–I had to learn this all myself as well, traveling the country seeking out male role models of various types. Being one’s own father figure is a tough gig that no kid should have.

So the issue is one of being uncalibrated–usually. We cannot avoid the other side of the issue, which is that the vast majority of women will sexually tease weak men in order to get things from them. So those men, who are actually correctly reading the signals but not realizing that women are amoral and solipsistic (and that some of them are very cruel people), make moves that are then called “creepy” only because the woman was faking the interest in the first place.

So it’s on men to recognize signals better, and on women to stop misleading men for personal gain.

The Most Crucial Moment In A New Fling

Assuming you’re smart enough to have gone MGTOW and sworn off of “traditional” relationships with modern American women, you have probably come to the correct conclusion that a never-ending series of fun flings is pretty much as good as it gets for a young American man. As such, you can easily see the importance of knowing how to manage those flings in a way that leaves everyone happy. Remember, there is really no reason to lie to women or mislead them about wanting a relationship. Not one woman from my illustrious past has anything nearing hatred for me, except one who is angry for an unrelated reason from my brief interlude with her.

I have mentioned this before on this blog, as well as in articles on both Return of Kings and GirlsChase: the monogamy ultimatum, and your response to it, is paramount to your sexual success while keeping said success on your terms at all times, or pretty much all times. Time for a brief refresher.

At some point in your new fling, depending on factors such as the strength of your Frame, how often you see her and what kinds of activities you do together, a given new woman will turn in frustration to an ultimatum when none of her more subtle ways to get your investment work. She will say something like (and this will be almost verbatim, since all girls use the same exact script),

“Hey, I was thinking a lot about this and I don’t think I’m ready to keep hooking up with someone who’s still hooking up with other girls.”

Now, the response which serves her agenda is “OK, I’ll see just you from now on.” No. Bad. Don’t do this, your caving on such a huge issue immediately makes you submissive to her. She will happily bang you a couple times before increasing her demands on your time and energy, but will never respect you the same way she did before you gave all your sexual power away.

First is the “good news” if you’re relationship-oriented, and “bad news” if you aren’t: the girl likes you and wants to keep you around. How you interpret it depends on your goals, but there it is. It’s a sign that she likes you a lot.

The only answer you should ever, ever, ever give to this ultimatum is “I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’ve had a great time with you, I think you’re awesome, and if you ever change your mind, my door is open.”

And then you leave. This last step must be carried out swiftly and with conviction.

At this point, she’s thinking “shit, that didn’t work! I’m gonna lose him unless I change my game plan!”

Sometimes it will take her up to two days to figure this out, but you will generally see her come crawling back to you, attraction through the roof and wanting to fuck your brains out, in less than 24 hours–but only if you did the earlier part right by saying it because you meant it, and then walking away without looking back.

Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter if you’re actually living in sexual abundance at that particular time. Even if she’s the only girl you’re seeing, but you want to retain the freedom to do with your dick whatever you please, you need to pull this maneuver off with the dedication and ease of a man with three other women kicking down his door for the chance to be with him.

Your girl will immediately course-correct, though there is always the unlikely possibility that really is looking for a relationship and might just leave. In my experience, 90% of the time they’re just testing their power over you and much prefer the response I provided you to the typical “ok let’s be boyfriend and girlfriend now” stuff. If you find one who really did want a relationship and would have it no other way, then look on the bright side: you weren’t compatible anyway.

Check Out My New Blog

My new blog, “Voice Of The Patriarchy,” is written from the perspective of the Shadow Patriarch which the extreme left believes to be running the entire world. I’m going to be focusing on that instead of this one, and I’ve also begun writing again for GirlsChase.

See you at my new blog, time to ratchet this up a notch.

How Feminism Ruined Judaism

Given that feminism seeks to ruin literally everything, it should come as no surprise that religion is on the list.

I was raised Jewish, though I never believed it in and most “services” I attended quickly saw me sneak out of the synagogue to read war stories in the temple library. However, I had to listen to the same prayers enough hundreds of times to remember the exact day feminism ruined Judaism.

I didn’t know what a feminist was at the time, as this must have been about 15 years ago. All I knew was this it was kind of ridiculous and things were changing for the worse. I’ll explain.

There’s a prayer in Reform Judaism called the “Avot,” which translates to “The Fathers.” It is a hymn to the wonderful patriarchs who won battles, protected their tribes, and multiplied sufficiently to spread the race to where it was before WWII (approximately 18 million Jews beforehand). Not bad for a few dudes.

Then one day, we went to sing the Avot, and lo and behold: there were some weird little notes literally scotch-taped into the Torah. I looked at my neighbor’s book; it wasn’t just someone fucking with mine. In fact, every single prayer book in the synagogue now had this weird shit going on.

What was it?

Well, the first note adds the words “v’Imahot” to the “Avot,” translating now to “The Fathers and Mothers.” The ‘mothers,’ of course, being basically a bunch of whores and concubines who contributed nothing besides lending their wombs to the great patriarchs of old. Now we were supposed to worship them.

Further, throughout the prayer, there are times when the Patriarchs are called by name: Jacob, Isaac, Abraham and more. Now, taped into the fucking book that God supposedly wrote and dictated to Moses on Mt. Sinai, there were added names of women: Sarah, Leia, Rachel. Women who did literally nothing but be there and spread their legs, had now been forcefully elbowed into the Torah without the knowledge or consent of an entire religion of people. They basically raped the word of God.

It wasn’t until nearly two decades later that I understood what had actually happened. Feminists saw something good that made people happy, compared it to their own inherent terribleness and inability to feel anything but rage and indignation, and decided to destroy it because if they can’t be happy, then goddamn it, nobody’s going to be.

Why Liberals Make Such Bad Friends

I’ll spare you the reasons for why “liberal” should be in the DSM-V, actually no I won’t. Being allergic to facts and resorting to vicious name-calling and emotional abuse in the middle of any/every debate is fucking silly, and any adult who behaves that way should be medicated. And probably not allowed to vote, since they can’t connect A to B and don’t understand why it’s important to use real science when making a point.

That said, the point of this article is to demonstrate why liberals make the worst kind of friend. To illustrate the point, I’ll use an example from my own personal history. I once worked a job for an extremely left-wing fundraising organization, somehow managing to never get fired despite constantly mocking feminism, Obama and the Cult of Global Warming.

Many of my coworkers were frustrated / outright angry at me sometimes, but I didn’t really care because seriously, fuck those people. Anyway, my boss was the ultimate hippy: long hair, long beard, had no desire for money or success, and yearned to spend his days “spainjing” or something, which is apparently when you play ukulele on a street corner and beg hardworking people for money they earned by working. Despite his shortcomings in intellect, ambition and hygiene, we were actually quite close friends.

I helped him quit smoking; I was there for him when his father died; I bought him a shot of whiskey and listened to him sob about his childhood when he needed to talk to someone. I was a good friend to that dude, and we were always debating (for about 3 straight months) the great feminism vs mens rights debate. Each time, the discussion ended with my telling him I would stand up for his rights even he wouldn’t–a viewpoint I no longer espouse.

Anyway, he started dating a girl on our team who I’d call a 6.5, probably a 7.5 a decade ago. She easily outsmarted him, allowed him to quit his boss job so she could could stay employed at the lower level, and became his de facto boss almost overnight.

She’s almost definitely cheated on him by now, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, once he’d been wrapped around her pinky finger, she once made some comment to him about how she thought I was a misogynist–an accusation he’d thrown my way dozens or hundreds of times already.

However, now that she had said something about it–one sentence, once–he unfriended me on Facebook, deleted my number and has not spoken to me since this happened about 6 months ago. I was there for him when his fucking dad died, and he cut me out because his girlfriend didn’t like my politics.

This is has happened so many times, not in this exact formula but similar instances, that it’s become extremely apparent that liberals are weak-minded, easily-persuaded, spineless head cases that are incapable of making real friends. They’ll throw you under the bus in a heartbeat if your political incorrectness somehow impinges on the bubble of comforting lies they’ve created for themselves.

No loyalty, no moral compass. I wish we could send them all to Iraq and solve two problems at once.

Woman’s Prime Directive

Men build. We create. We imagine. We design. We repair. We maintain. We dream. We act. We do. We built every brick of every civilization the world has ever seen. We fought every war, paved every road, wired every tower, delivered every letter, conquered every sea, journeyed into outer space, and have pretty much done everything of any significance since time immemorial.

By contrast to the Man Prime Directive to impose his will and his mind onto the world around him, what is a woman’s primary goal?

To get as much attention as she can, from as many men as she can. This is what fulfills a woman in life. 

Quick, name a woman in your life who’s completely fulfilled by her career achievements. Exactly.

Let’s go down the scale, all the way from “hot” to “feminist.”

“Hot:” Spends hours and hours of every day finding ways to look good for more male attention. Does makeup a certain way. Dresses a certain way. Acts a certain way, all maximized to get as much attention as she possibly can from men, since that is what makes women feel fulfilled. That’s why we call her “hot;” she has spent her life creating a facade which is meant to garner the most male attention. And it works!

“Average:” These girls get some attention for their looks. If they dress slutty, they get more sexual attention. If they dress down, they still get a fair amount. These girls are far more likely than “hot” ones to try their hand at career advancement or wealth accumulation, all because feminists lied to them that only “shallow men” care about looks and femininity. Their misguided dream has led them to falsely believe that the men they want will be attracted to such things, and unfortunately nobody course-corrects them until they’re too old to make a change that will make them happier.

Spoiler Alert: No men are attracted to your college degree, bank account, or career achievements. The ones who say they do are lying and they know it.

“Ugly/feminist:” Oh man, these take the cake for attention-whoring. By leaps and bounds, overweight / ugly women are the easiest to sleep with. They have to be, so sluttiness is their way of making themselves feel valued and pretty (when they could just fix their diet and go to the gym, for better results and more self-esteem instead).

Now here is where it gets tricky…many fat, ugly woman have also discovered that since men won’t give them the attention they would prefer over oxygen, they can garner tons of male attention by either:

1. Damseling, or

2. Man-hating

The former is the truth behind “rape fantasy culture” and the constant assertions that there’s some “war on women” and “men need to help.” All this is, is damseling for male attention (and also for money from the government, which is paid for by taxes on money that men earned, and is thus a proxy way of receiving male attention). “Men, look at us! Pay attention to us! We’re in trouble!” This is an easy way for women to get male attention. They can even follow it up with fake sob stories of past abuse to get the kind of walking-on-eggshells-around-her attention that makes her feel as if every word and feeling of hers is completely valid and valued.

There’s a reason beautiful, empowered women never actually whine about that kind of garbage: they don’t have to make it up in the first place.

The latter, the favorite of the ugliest of the ugs, is like a one-way ticket to Attention Heaven. The first attention she gets is looking like a fake man, since she’s gone to great effort to not look like a real woman. There are going to be some stares and whispers, so oh boy! People are noticing her!

Then she gets to be pissed off about it, and will often be aggressive and start stupid fights just to gather even more attention from a bigger crowd. “You looking at my haircut? You got a problem? I’m a strong and independent woman,” blah blah blah.

Spoiler Alert: Real women have long hair. Men who say they prefer short hair on women are lying and they know it.

But wait, there’s more! After she starts a fight with some innocent man who was just wondering how many vibrators she must own, then she gets to write an article about it! Some shitty menstrual rag like Jezebel will give her a platform from which to assert how much she sucks, so now she gets money and a huge audience to bitch to.

So much attention, holy shit. 

And now there’s a comment section. Hundreds of people are reading about her! They’re talking to her! Calling her names! Asking her questions! Her, her her!

Spoiler Alert: Everything is always about her. Get used to / over it.

I hope that a perusal through this article–or a single day of honest observation of the world around you–has demonstrated to you the truth of what you already knew.